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Why Crystal Jewelry are Perfect for Weddings

Weddings are definitely joyous but exhausting event. Aside from the basics like searching for a venue, the wedding dress, the reception and the like-one of the major considerations of countless couples who are planning to tie the knot is the crystal jewelry for the event such as the wedding ring. Usually, most couples prefer a… Read More »

Why Buy an Antique Crystal Jewelry

Buying an antique crystal jewelry-whether as an engagement ring, a wedding ring, or for personal satisfaction-is always an investment. Considered as “nature’s perfect gemstones,” antique crystal jewelry can be priceless and rare especially if they contain high-quality and high-grade diamonds. If you are looking forward to buying an antique crystal jewelry, the first thing to… Read More »

What is Crystal Jewelry,

People have been buying and investing on jewelry since the dawn of civilization. Some cultures see it as adornments that enhance the overall appeal of the person. Some have considered it as symbols of their status in society while some consider it amulets that protect them from harm and disease. Over the years the design… Read More »

The Swarovski’s Crystal Jewelry Colors

For more than 100 years ago, Daniel Swarovski from Austria and his sons invaded the Crystal Jewelry industry using their patented Swarovski’s cutting machine, they divided their crystals into different colors under the The Daniel Swarovski Corporation established in 1895. This article will identify you their patented crystal colors that you can give to your… Read More »

Taking Proper Care Of Your Crystal Jewelry

Some people are intimidated by cleaning their crystal jewelry. The fact that they are so beautiful and so elegant, people are afraid that if the would be cleaning it incorrectly, its lustre and beauty would lessen. Crystal jewelry is also associated with healing. They are also referred to as healing crystals. They are said to… Read More »

Safeguarding Your Crystal Jewelry

No matter how beautiful a person or object is time can only tell how long it will stay the same. This is a proven fact. The only thing that you can do to maintain health and vigor is to live a disciplined and junk-free life. Do away with all the stress and learn to handle… Read More »

Old School Crystal Jewelry

Crystal jewelry has come a long way since the time when Daniel Swarovski I introduced his innovative cutting machine. It has made its way into the comforts of homes and offices giving each room and area a sparkling ambiance that makes the occupant longing for more. It ahs been part of a series of significant… Read More »

New and Improved Crystal Jewelry

Nowadays people have gone away from the traditional way of looking and dressing up. The fashion and entertainment industry has reached higher levels of influence and has made a lot of appealing changes specifically on how people perceive themselves as well their lives. Trends are everywhere and it has taken the globe by storm. Individuals… Read More »

Making Your Own Crystal Jewelry

Crystals are among the most preferred jewelry. Aside from being beautiful, they can look very elegant. Not only crystals can be used to make jewelries, they could also make good ornaments and at the same time accessories for clothes. Because of the beauty and charm of crystals, the number of people who are buying and… Read More »